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We’re a start-up remote digital marketing agency based in Ontario, Canada. We started tempo digital in early 2020 to help clients of all sizes by using our background and experience from previous agencies and digital tech companies. We want to do things similar but different, you’ll get all the traditional items you expect from an agency but without all the added fluff you don’t need.

We all love data and numbers, it’s what drives who we are as an agency and we use it to get results. We take pride in our agnostic approach to using any platform that makes sense for your business not just our revenue, and we use those tools to drive decisions through the patterns that we see.

portrait of founder chris masci

Chris Masci

With over 16 years of experience in digital marketing, Chris has an unparalleled knowledge of performance media. He led a team which won the Google Search Excellence award two years in row. His ability and passion for finding innovative and strategic solutions has helped clients of all sizes worldwide through transparency and partnership.
portrait of founder megan cook

Megan Cook

Megan brings almost 15 years of media planning experience in online and offline strategy. She has worked in all sizes of agencies and has been instrumental in managing, retaining, and pitching local and global clients. Her experience is combined with an ability to implementing new ways of working and managing large teams.
portrait of karen tanedo

Karen Tanedo

Lead, Client Service
portrait of philip amanuel

Philip Amanuel

Lead, Client Service
portrait of fiona huynh

Fiona Huynh

Digital Strategist
portrait of emma cavanagh

Emma Cavanagh

Digital Strategist
portrait of courtney steeves

Courtney Steeves

Client Service Coordinator
portrait of phil regaldo

Phil Regalado

Campaign Manager
portrait of kyle phillips

Kyle Phillips

Campaign Manager
portrait of justin mcdonald

Justin McDonald

Campaign Manager
portrait of pedro lopez

Pedro Lopez

Campaign Coordinator


Interested in working at tempo digital? We’re always open to discussing your background and skill set even if we don’t have an immediate opening. Below are some of the key roles on our team that we’re most often hiring for. If one of these sparks your interest, email us your resume.

a glass wall with a sign that says tempo digital.

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